Pinback Buttons – Professor Whovianart Creations


Science fiction compressed into itty-btty packages!

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Select from 38 different designs from 10 distinct themes—all from the Professor’s abstract mind! Buy seven buttons for $5–remember to apply the coupon at checkout!

Each button is approx. 0.75 in. in diameter, which one design being approx.. 2 in. in diameter.

Designs © 1986 – 2021 Professor Whovianart™ Creations
“Professor Whovianart”, “Whovianart”, “who/ohm”, “Cube clown”, Balloon Skull”, “Weird Kitty” and “Captain-Buck-Rabbit” are trademarks of J.P. Who Cassidy.


Latin Lego, Wise Old Jelly Spirit, Space Cruiser, Universal Snail, Infini-Snake, Happy Ghost, Sandy Hourglass, Entwined Lovers, Supersized Adventures, 3 Third Dimensions Corp Emblem (Yellow), Tri-Virus Unit (Yellow), 3 Third Dimensions Corp Emblem (Orange), Tri-Virus Unit (Orange), Colored PWC Emblem, Monochrome PWC Emblem, PWC Logo (Color), PWC Color (Mono), Magic Moon Rabbit, Father Moon, Mother Earth, Captain Buck Rabbit, Robot Rule (Green+Black), Robot Rule (Green+Yellow), The Orange Clockwork, Loving Contraption #1, Loving Contraption #2, Loving Contraption #3, True Love, Rabbit & Kitty, Tomorrowland, Emo Smiley Time, Cube Clown, Lava Sphere #1, Lave Sphere #2, Dead Alien Pirate Society (Color), Balloon Skull, Dead Alien Pirate Society (Mono), Balloon Skull Emblem, Harmony Gateway, Military Mighton


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