Laser-Engraved Acrylic Earrings – Professor Whovianart Creations


Who says you can accessorize with sci-fi?

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Limited-edition treasures from Professor Whovianart’s convention escapades! Each pair of laser-engraved, high-quality acrylic have been given surgical-grade steel for clean, easy piercings. Express your inner mad scientist, carry new friends (or foes), or just grab one to look cool. Whatever works for you.

Sizes slightly vary by shape and design.

Designs © 1986 – 2021 Professor Whovianart™ Creations
“Professor Whovianart”, “Whovianart”, “who/ohm”, “Cube clown”, Balloon Skull”, “Weird Kitty” and “Captain-Buck-Rabbit” are trademarks of J.P. Who Cassidy.


3-Third Dimensions Corp, The Tri-Virus Unit, Whovianart, Happy Fun Boom Boom Time, Vault 13-B, Cube Clown, Balloon Skull, Weird Kitty is Happy, Flask of Radioactivity, Flask of Whovianart, Flask of Poison, Flask of Biohazard, The TARDIS, The Bejewled TARDIS


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